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mood for swing
mood for swing After a 3-year hiatus, Mood for Swing is back!
This year we will host two of the world's hottest lindy hop instructors:
Ari and Simon from Barcelona and London !
They have won many recent international competitions.
This is a wonderful opportunity to study and dance with the best.
Don't miss this fabulous weekend!

今、大人気のトップダンサー、Ari & Simonを招いてのワークショップ、パーティー、コンペティションの スウィング三昧の3日間です!!


mood for swing
Please check the "registration" page on this site.
MIX & MATCH, One minute showcaseに参加希望の方もレジストレーションをお願い致します。

Watch their performance at ILHC !

mood for swing
Please add Hush Tug "#mfs2023" when you post something about Mood for Swing 2023 !
Mood for Swingの写真や映像をアップするときに"#mfs2023"のハッシュタグを付けて下さい。みんなで共有しましょう!

mood for swing
5.5 (fri)
workshops & party with live band
live : Gentle Forest Friends
social demo : Ari & Simon
competition : MIX & MATCH preliminary
venue : WS & Party / Fukasawa Kumin Center
mood for swing

5.6 (sat)
workshops & party with live band
live : Asian Golden Swing Quartet featuring Susumu Takeda
competition : 1minute showcase, MIX & MATCH finals
performance : Ari & Simon
workshop venue : Fukasawa Kumin Center
party venue : Meguro Persimmon Small Hall
mood for swing

5.7 (sun)
party with dj music (daytime )
time : 13:30-17:00
competition : Solo Jazz
venue : Fukasawa Kumin Center
mood for swing
Times and locations are subject to change.

mood for swing after party ( It's not Mood for Swing 2023 )
Rev-up ! ( Amore is spinning his favorite vinyls ! )
venue : 440 Shimokitazawa
time : 18:00-23:00
bands : Clap Stomp Swingin' from Osaka, Tiny Song Show and more !
djs : Seikou, Raw-Hide and Amore
advance : 2800yen(+1drink), door : 3300yen(+1drink)

about reservation : Please email to "" for reservation.
We'll put your name on their advanced ticket list. Please tell your name at the entrance and pay adanced price at the door.

mood for swing

Memory of Mood for Swing 2019.

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