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mood for swing 2017

We're sorry that all the workshop tickets are already sold out.
But parties are still open to everyone.
You don't need to reserve for the parties.
So please just come and enjoy !
We still accept leaders of Jack & Jill.( Followers are sold out )

Please fill in the required items and email us, our email address : lindyhop@swing-jack.com
1. Your name
2. Leader or Follower
3. Ticket type

*Workshop pass ( 6classes + main parties of 5th & 6th )
*5.5 (fri) one day pass
*5.6 (sat) one day pass

4. Do you want to join Jack & Jill contest ?
5. City where you're living now & home country

*Payments will be collected at the check-in table on the first day of your participation.
Please bring cash, we do not accept credit cards.

We're really looking forward to seeing you at Mood for Swing 2017 in Tokyo !!

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