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"Party pass for 2 nights" pre-sale has ended.
If you would like to purchase a ticket on the day, please come directly to the venue and pay. (cash only)
No reservation required.
We are still accepting applications for workshops. (both leaders & followers )



mood for swing
mood for swing
mood for swing New limited color / Hazy Green : L, M, S (body / United Athle ) 3000yen
Amore is wearing size L.

How to order / Please email us with the product name & size to "" .

mood for swing mood for swing At the party on May 5th, Boutique Dramatica will be opening a store this year as well.

Boutique Dramatica
We will be exhibiting vintage reproduction style pumps that look great on the feet of stylish dancers. You can also customize your order by choosing the color and heel height on the day. We will also be displaying and accepting orders for 20s style sailor knit samples. (All items are made to order and may take some time to be delivered.)


mood for swing mood for swing This year, we will be hosting big stars from Korea who will appear in Japan for the first time !!
Soochan Lee & Young Kang are coming !
They have won many recent international competitions.
This is a wonderful opportunity to study and dance with the best.
Don't miss this fabulous weekend!

今年は日本初登場の世界のトップダンサー、Soochan Lee & Young Kangを韓国から招いて開催します。
ワークショップ、パーティー、コンペティションの スウィング三昧の3日間です!!


mood for swing Soochan Lee & Young Kang

Please add hashtag "#mfs2024" when you post something about Mood for Swing 2024 !

mood for swing
Convenient areas for weekend are Ikejir-Ohashi, Sangenjaya, Shimokitazawa and Shibuya.
Workshops are held in Ikejir-Ohashi.

mood for swing

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update : 2024, 5/3